25 March 2017

The Rebuild Independence Group has instituted a “buy a plank” scheme since its inception. This scheme has proved to be very popular with the visiting public, both at the RIG Boathouse and at various markets around the island. This week saw the number of plank purchasers top 750.  Visitors are encouraged to support the RIG concept by purchasing a plank for $20. The purchaser has his/her name written on a mock-up boat hull, receives an inscribed plank and gets a warm fuzzy feeling from adding meaningful support to this project. Many locals have bought planks and have been joined by folk from all over the world. At the Boathouse Bazaar held at the wharf this weekend people from Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and the United States all had their names added to the “Plank Wall”. Truly wonderful international support. Souvenirs & bric-a-brac were also purchased over the weekend by visitors to both the Deck cafe & the RIG Boathouse.The Boathouse Bazaar takes place over the last weekend of each month & lends atmosphere to the wharf precinct as well as fundraising for RIG.

The actual construction of the schooner is proceeding apace. At the present date, 27 March 2017, five frames of double planked spotted gum have been erected into place.Following the lofting or drawing up process the spotted gum planks are measured and sawn to the hulls curve, both frame sides are overlapped with a second frame and epoxied together. The Sydney Blue Gum keel has been cut and lofting of the remaining frames continues.