18 January 2018

The first of the Thursday evening workshops was held on 18 January and was enjoyed by the 10 people who took part, despite the high temperatures. Many members lost several kilos in weight as a result, so it had a dual result!

Bob Imeson (RIG Boat Builder) and Alan Thomas lofted out the stem ready for pattern making. Greg Roberts and his team kept the pattern making and transcribing flowing. While Peter May and his team kept the band saw in motion and the finishing of the sections. The end result was the sections finished for Frame 28 and the first sections of Frames 12 and 10 completed.

Thanks to Bob for his technical input and preparation, Greg for playing Chef for the sausage sizzle and also to John Ayliffe for providing two fine carvings for the boathouse, which were affixed by John and Tony Klieve.