Anne A Herran

In January 1951 my family and I came to stay at the River at what was by then Capt Perce Kerr's cottage, on the corner of Tangara Drive and Buick Drive, for the first of many holidays. For decades we spent every school holiday between the Chase and the River. In the 60s Dad bought a house up on Redbanks Road, from Frank Diment. and when Dad died, Mum (Phyl Turner) built further down on Redbanks Road, where my brother now lives with his wife.  Jasper and I bought KI properties in 2010 and after retirement in 2016 we chose to live here at the River.

I love the peace and tranquility, the bird song, the glossies, our garden, growing our own fruit and veg, being next to the water, and near wilderness. I love Pennington Bay, and being able to walk where few have trod. I love the people we have met who have become our friends. And I love the history of this place which is like no other.

The RIG project contributes significantly towards preserving the history of American River, which I love. It has taken  five years for Independence to reach its current state and it may be five more years before it sets sail. I often hope it will stay as it is, because it is unmatched as a drawcard for tourists and visitors to American River. The rebuild of Independence is a massive endeavour by a very small number of volunteers. I come from a long career, decades, in IT and my small part is to use my skills to curate the RIG Collection, making it available online to the public, into the future.  I hope the young ones of the River observe what is being achieved by RIG and lend their skills and energies to the project, as time goes by.