Buy a Plank

If you've just stumbled on this page, or have arrived here via some other site, please read this section or click on "Home" above to find out what Rebuild Independence Group (RIG) is all about.

RIG exists to promote the maritime history of American River.  This will be done in part by rebuilding the first vessel ever built in South Australia.   This was called Independence and was built in 1803 at American River, Kangaroo Island by some American Sealers.   RIG is a not-for-profit, community based group staffed entirely by volunteers.   Our only income is from donations that visitors (either physical  or virtual) make because they wish to be part of the project.

Rebuiding Independence will take time.  We know that we have to look to the long term and be patient and painstaking.   We also know that it will take a lot of money and for that reason we are continually fund raising.  Although all our labour is by volunteers, we need to purchase materials.  We already have enough timber for the ribs - all of which have now been constructed - and the keel as well as the hull planks.   Once they're on, there's still the ropes, sails, paint and the 1001 other items needed to build the vessel.  And that's without thinking of day to day expenses such as electricity, insurance, council lease.

Our main fund raiser is our "Buy a plank" scheme.   For $A20, your donation will be recorded on the wall of the boathouse in American River and the funds used towards building Independence.  You can buy as many planks as you wish!  The pictures to the right show some of the over 5000 supporters who have donated to the scheme.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible, but don't forget to ask us for a receipt.  To buy a plank, click here.  If you have any questions, please contact us